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PRESENTED AT THE 21st ANNUAL MEETING OF NEW YORK PHOTONICS, SEPTEMBER 23rd Shadow Lake Golf and Racquet Club, Rochester, NY ROCHESTER, NY, September 23, 2021 – The Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster (RPPC) / New York Photonics honored five leaders in education, business, and the public sector, for their contributions to New York State’s optics and photonics industry. New York Photonics Executive Director Tom Battley presented the awards at the organization’s...
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Pack-Smart, Toronto-based company, is getting ready to move operations into Rochester. The company will also make changes to a building already developed for some high-tech businesses. Pack-Smart manufactures hardware and software used in applications that help provide security to a variety of businesses in the pharmaceutical, e-commerce and telecom industries. Pack-Smart’s plans include moving its North American headquarters into the Lake Avenue building now occupied by AIM Photonics. A local...
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(September 21, 2021) Rochester, NY – GS Plastic Optics (GSPO), a Rochester NY based manufacturer of precision polymer optics, has been awarded the contract to produce optical components for a COVID-19 antibody testing platform developed by LightDeck Diagnostics, a Boulder-based diagnostic-testing company. LightDeck was recently awarded a $35.1 million contract to increase production capacity for their point-of-care product platform. LightDeck introduced a cutting-edge screening platform that can power SARS-CoV-2 Ultra-Rapid...
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Empire State Development (ESD) announced that Luminate NY—the world’s largest business accelerator for startup companies that have optics, photonics, and imaging (OPI) enabled applications—is now accepting applications for round five of the innovative program. The accelerator brings visionary companies to the Finger Lakes Region to leverage a rich ecosystem of resources to speed the commercialization of emerging technologies within a range of industries, from quantum computing, medical devices, and LiDAR...
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The National Science Foundation (NSF) is funding a new endeavor to bring atomic-level precision to the devices and technologies that underpin much of modern life, and will transform fields like information technology in the decades to come. The five-year, $25 million Science and Technology Center grant will found the Center for Integration of Modern Optoelectronic Materials on Demand — or IMOD — a collaboration of scientists and engineers at 11 universities led...
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Research at the University at Buffalo has explored the science behind microscale concave interfaces (MCI) — structures that reflect light to produce beautiful and potentially useful optical phenomena. In a published paper, Buffalo engineering researcher Qiaoqiang Gan defined how light interacts with microscale concave interfaces. Future applications for the technology, he said, could include aiding autonomous vehicles in recognizing traffic signs. The study focused on a retroreflective material — a thin...
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An experiment at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) National Ignition Facility (NIF) has triggered ignition for the first time. Ignition is the process that amplifies energy output from nuclear fusion and that could provide an avenue for clean energy, as well as provide answers to many long-held questions in physics. In the Aug. 8 experiment, which LLNL reported today, scientists achieved an energy yield of 1.3 MJ — more...
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Cornell researchers are proposing a new way to modulate both the absorptive and the refractive qualities of metamaterials in real time, and their findings open intriguing new opportunities to control, in time and space, the propagation and scattering of waves for applications in various areas of wave physics and engineering. The research published in the journal Optica, “Spectral Causality and the Scattering of Waves,” is authored by doctoral students Zeki...
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Rochester researchers have documented the pulsed-laser-in-liquid technique’s multiple advantages over traditional wet lab methods. Chemical catalysts are the change agents behind the production of just about everything we use in our daily lives, from plastics to prescription drugs. When the right catalysts are mixed with the right chemical compounds, molecules that would otherwise take years to interact do so in mere seconds. However, developing even one catalyst material to trigger...
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Corning Advanced Optics is expanding and adding jobs to help address a backlog in the semiconductor supply chain. David Velasquez, the Vice President and General Manager for Corning Advanced Optics, discussed the looming demand and the products manufactured at the company’s Fairport facility Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation. “I think most people have heard about the excitement in the semiconductor industry, not only the broadening of...
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