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Based on micro-ring resonators to reduce the size and power demands of visible spectrum phase modulator. Integrated photonics is a rapidly-evolving industry sector, with infrared spectrum applications including high-speed 5G networks, biosensors on chip, and driverless cars. Researchers are now exploring the visible wavelength range to develop a variety of applications: chip-scale LIDAR, AR/VR/MR goggles, holographic displays, quantum information processing chips, and implantable optogenetic probes for the brain. The one...
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Optimax is looking to the future as it celebrates 30 years of excellence in the optics industry. Optimax is located in Ontario, Wayne County and its products are part of a cutting-edge technology revolution. President Joe Spilman discussed the company’s growth and expertise Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation. “This is an exciting time at Optimax,” Spilman said. “Earlier this year we celebrated our 30th anniversary and...
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Researchers at University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics for first time distill novel interferometry into a photonic device. By merging two or more sources of light, interferometers create interference patterns that can provide remarkably detailed information about everything they illuminate, from a tiny flaw on a mirror, to the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere, to gravitational patterns in far reaches of the Universe. “If you want to measure something with very...
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What is happening at L3 Harris’ Space Airborne Systems in Gates in Rochester, N.Y. is out of this world.  This is one of the only facilities in the world capable of these efforts. What these local workers are doing now is testing and assembling the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope that will help scientists explore space as never before: beyond our solar system to the edge of the observable universe. “The Roman...
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A Rochester-based collaborative intended to advance the development and production of photonics devices will be funded for another seven years, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Monday. The American Institute of Manufacturing Photonics will receive $165 million from the Air Force Research Laboratory and $156 million from an array of other sources, including governments, universities, and companies, according to a news release from Hochul’s office. New York state is putting $60 million...
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New round of funding will enable next stage of development for defense applications and other capabilities. New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the American Institute of Manufacturing Photonics (AIM Photonics) has secured a new seven-year cooperative agreement with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the Research Foundation of the State University of New York, which includes support totaling more than $321 million. The funding includes $165 million awarded by...
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New research by a City College of New York team has uncovered a novel way to combine two different states of matter. For one of the first times, topological photons—light—has been combined with lattice vibrations, also known as phonons, to manipulate their propagation in a robust and controllable way. The study utilized topological photonics, an emergent direction in photonics which leverages fundamental ideas of the mathematical field of topology about...
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Optifab, North America’s largest optical manufacturing conference and exhibition, will return to the Joseph A. Floreano Riverside Convention Center Oct. 18-21. The biennial event, organized jointly by SPIE and the American Precision Optics Manufacturing Association (APOMA), showcases the latest technologies in optics manufacturing. Jessica DeGroote Nelson of Optimax and Blair Unger of N2 Imaging Systems will co-chair the conference, which will focus on both classical and advanced optical manufacturing technologies. The...
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Phase II of new grant awarded realizes promise of entangled photons toward faster, more secure computing systems Researchers from Rochester Institute of Technology and national photonic device company, AdvR Inc., built a quantum chip prototype that is bridging today’s traditional fiber optic networks with the future—quantum computing networks. By better entangling, or integrating, the two types of communications technologies, quantum-based computers would be able to process data orders of magnitude faster...
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In an online event on 30 September, Luminate NY, the business accelerator centered in Rochester, NY, USA, announced the winners of its fourth graduating class of emerging companies in optics, photonics and imaging (OPI). The five companies tapped by the program will receive a total of more than US$2 million in follow-on funding to further support their business growth. The event—sponsored by Optica (formerly OSA), the publisher of OPN—showcased ten start-up firms that had participated...
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