The Apollo program featured the newest, most high-tech science innovations we’ve ever seen to make the moon landing successful, as well as one of the oldest and simplest devices. Going back hundreds of years, sailors lost at sea used a small metal device to determine their position. With the look of a protractor and the...
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ARIZONA PHOTONICS DAYS – 24/27 January 2018 – Tucson, Arizona Presented by Optics Valley in partnership with UA Tech Parks and the Global Photonics Alliance. Join us as the Optics Valley Committee of the Arizona Technology Council hosts our Global Photonics Alliance partners for two days of technical discussions and business-to-business meetings: Connect and Network...
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In 2014 NYPhotonics began working on (or instigating) a number of projects for the International Year of Light in Rochester.  A broad view looks like this: Rochester Museum & Science Center IYOL2015 Advisory Committee OPI Company Tours in May 2015 Illuminations, a permanent exhibition of interactive OPI science demonstrations previewing now in the Patricia Hale Gallery...
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Optimax Optics On-Board the Pluto New Horizons Satellite The first mission to the dwarf planet Pluto and outer edge of our solar system to arrive on July 14th after a nine-year journey The Pluto New Horizons mission is expected to provide the first close-up photos and measurements of the dwarf planet at 7:50 a.m. ET...
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Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope say they have been watching the same star blow itself to smithereens in a supernova explosion over and over again, thanks to a trick of Einsteinian optics. The star exploded more than nine billion years ago on the other side of the universe, too far for even the Hubble to see...
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In celebration of the International Year of Light (#IYOL15, #ROCtheIYOL), NYPhotonics member Navitar sponsored the donation of 2500 polarizing slides for the upcoming “Wonders of Orion” planetarium show at the Rochester Museum and Science Center’s Strasenburgh Planetarium.   Navitar, Inc. supplies custom projection optics for planetariums around the world. As part of the International Year of Light, the Strasenburgh...
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