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The Coronavirus detection method combines optics and magnetic particles to reduce the diagnostic time from one hour to approximately 15 minutes. BioOptics World Editors Mar 10th, 2020 Credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay Recognizing that current methods to diagnose Coronavirus take approximately one hour, a team of researchers at Bar-Ilan University (Ramat Gan, Israel) has developed a method...
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A multikilowatt diode laser system that’s bright enough to cut and weld — even through a half-inch of steel — at greater efficiencies than today’s industrial lasers is being commercialized by MIT Lincoln Laboratory spinout TeraDiode. The 4-kilowatt TeraBlade runs on a novel power-scaling technique developed at MIT that manipulates individual diode laser beams into a single...
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Rochester is Home to ABVI, The Association for the Blind or Visually Impaired. Imagine the Possibilities this Thursday with ABVI, HTR and Your RRPC Colleagues. Here are some possibilities to rattle your thinking: In two labs some 50 miles apart in Israel, computer scientists and engineers are refining devices that employ tiny cameras as translators...
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Fuel gain exceeding unity in an inertially confined fusion implosion. From the Journal,  Nature Ignition is needed to make fusion energy a viable alternative energy source, but has yet to be achieved. A key step on the way to ignition is to have the energy generated through fusion reactions in an inertially confined fusion plasma...
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New York State’s plan to build up to three “mega” computer chip factories at the SUNY Institute of Technology outside Utica is raising questions about the future of IBM’s operations in downstate Dutchess County. Story here.
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Photonics was the focal point at the University of Central Florida (UCF) on Wednesday when Rep. John L. Mica paid a visit to the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL). “They are performing phenomenal research in our backyard,” Mica said. “The work going on at UCF holds tremendous potential for our...
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Albuquerque, NM – February 1, 2013 ─ The IDEX Optics & Photonics (IOP) platform announced that CVI Melles Griot will be moving forward as two companies, CVI Laser Optics and Melles Griot, effective immediately. The two companies had been acquired separately and merged into a single marketing name, CVI Melles Griot for several years.  The...
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APPLIED IMAGE Group announced the acquisition of MICROTRONICS Inc, a key USA based “mask maker”. MICROTRONICS manufactures glass masks for the semiconductor, hybrid, MEMS, and electro-optical industries. Masks are primarily used to transfer electro-optical designs from the glass imaged plates (that MICROTRONICS manufactures) to the wafer, which becomes the final microelectronic or electro-optical components themselves....
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115 scientists and researchers gathered at the Hyatt Regency in Rochester, New York for 3 days, July 31 – August 2 to share the latest research in optical components for government-funded applications. Each year Tech Days summarizes the USA Government’s investment strategies and activities in developing technology for any application (such as telescopes, imaging systems,...
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OptiPro’s SBIR Review Meeting was a success once again as nearly 60 people attended the biannual event. The meeting, which took place on June 28th, brought representatives from government agencies, prime contractors, and companies from all across the nation to see the most recent advancements being made in the precision optics industry due to the funding provided by SBIR contracts. 13 individuals, including 7...
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