Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI), conceives and develops innovative optical technologies that add highly desirable and product differentiating features to flat panel displays. These technologies include: autostereoscopic technology that makes 3D images leap out of the screen creating a “WOW” effect for the viewer; and ultra high definition (UHD) projection technology that allows groups to read a license plate in an image captured from orbit.

The market for DTI 3D are the LCD manufacturers and value added resellers that purchase and integrate flat panels into their consumer products. Many of these companies are members of the Worldwide 3D Consortium. DTI’s technologies can be added to flat panels very inexpensively allowing 2D/3D monitors, cell phones, DVDs, etc., priced at or near their 2D only counterparts. The market for DTI technologies is huge.

DTI designs, develops and markets proprietary display products incorporating these technologies to validate manufacturing, demonstrate marketability and in that process make DTI’s intellectual property more attractive to licensees. In addition, these developments enhance and extend the Company’s intellectual property portfolio which perpetuates the cycle.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEUOfa9kwqo&w=560&h=315]

The campaign is here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dti3d/dti-glasses-free-mission-critical-3d-2d-display

From Meant to be Seen (MTBS), the world’s first and only stereoscopic 3D Certification and Advocacy group:

Too often, 3D glasses have been credited as the major handicap for 3D content such as games, movies, and broadcast for being as successful as they could be. Up until now, glasses-free 3D meant losing resolution, rampant ghosting, required sweet-spot viewing, single viewer limitations, proprietary formats, and who knows what else.

The Immersed conference was a huge success and marked the beginning of new immersive technology stories. One of those stories was the launch of the Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) 27″ glasses-free 3D monitor Kickstarter. Jointly with NASA, Dimension Technologies Inc. has been actively prototyping what promises to be the ultimate glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display. Clear 3D without the trade-offs and glasses.

Several months ago, I visited DTI’s Rochester, New York headquarters to see their early prototypes. This was followed by a later version at SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver. This was again followed by an even better prototype at Immersed 2014. They are definitely on the right track. It’s a work in progress with more to be done, but they are on the right track.


From DTI’s Tom Curtin:

“Seeking support for DTI glasses-free 3D/2D Display Kickstarter campaign. Important Rochester Optics and Imaging invention now live on Kickstarter. Garnering rave reviews from international press. $1 donation (or more) can help make a difference. Please support this campaign…it’s good for Rochester, our image, and our economy.”



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