Chalcogenide Glass from Redwave for Infrared Applications

Redwave Introduces the MG line of Chalcogenide IR Glass Materials

Designers of components and systems that require optics for 0.8 to 18 microns or current users of chalcogenide glasses and any infrared system will want to know about Redwave Glass, a new US based producer of chalcogenide glass based in Rochester, NY.  Redwave currently offers an equivalent arsenic selenide glass to what is currently on the market along with three new chalcogenide glasses not previously available, including one that is competitive with Germanium.  All of the glasses are moldable or able to be ground/polished and diamond turned.  Zemax catalog files and data sets are available.

Glass production qualifications have now been completed. Three new chalcogenide materials, licensed from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratories, are now available. Under the brand name MG, this line of IR glasses offers broader spectral performance along with a better range of dispersion and index characteristics. Optical designs can now be produced that are not limited by diamond turning Germanium. All MG glasses are moldable and compatible with traditional grinding/polishing and diamond turning.

An attached spec sheet provides an overview of the material specifications for:

  • MG 448 – very low dispersion in the mid and long wave
  • MG 452 – near zero thermal expansion, lower dn/dT than arsenic selenide glasses
  • MG 523 – compare to Germanium but with lower dn/dT

Along with offering these three new glass materials, As40Se60 is also being produced. MG 463 is available in boules that are 2 inches in diameter. Compared to standard arsenic selenide glass, MG 463 is unmatched in spectral performance with transmission beyond 16 microns.

A Zemax data catalog is available.
Call or e-mail today to request additional information.

Contact: Robert Mendenhall
Telephone: (585) 451-2568



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