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Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster previews US Congress-commissioned Report “Optics & Photonics: Essential Technologies for Our Nation” at Annual Meeting, September 10, 2012.  Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is keynote speaker.

“As the nation’s leading optics, photonics and imaging cluster, we are going to leverage this report to our region’s advantage.  Let’s examine other public-private partnerships around the world and create something extraordinary.”

—Tom Battley


Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster discusses National Photonics Initiative and how Rochester can play a lead role.  Eugene Arthurs, CEO of SPIE is keynote speaker.

“It appears that the U.S. doesn’t want to be a player; it wants to be a customer.”

—Eugene Arthurs

“We have worked with our delegation in D.C. to create the opportunity.  This lead is ours to lose.  Statewide, people need to work together to make this happen.”

—Tom Battley


Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster: A National Center for Optics & Photonics Manufacturing… Is Rochester the Place?  Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Mayor Lovely Warren are keynote speakers.

“The New York Delegation is working with the administration, with the DoD, and with New York State to make certain that there is a national center for photonics manufacturing and that it is in Rochester.”

—Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter delivers opening remarks at RRPC’s Annual Meeting Sept. 4, 2014


Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster: we worked with our Washington Delegation and the National Photonics Initiative to create the opportunity for AIM Photonics.  A dream team brought it to New York.  Alan Wilner, Professor at University of California Santa Barbara, Chairman of the National Photonics Initiative and the lead on a competing Manufacturing Institute proposal is keynote speaker.

“Congratulations on your win with AIM Photonics.  You are hard to compete with.  Your industry cluster here in Rochester is recognized around the world.  We look forward to working with you.” — Alan Wilner


Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster: Let’s look at AIM Photonics progress and what we are working on for 2017.  U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter are keynote speakers.

“For nearly two decades we have promoted the fact that our region has a legacy in optics, photonics and imaging like no place else in America, and we have won numerous opportunities for leveraging our strategic advantages for the future.  At this stage, it is up to the community stakeholders – the region’s economic development partners and the industry – to make that happen.  The New York Photonics ecosystem is robust and prime for further development.

We are advocates – and we hope that we can count on your support – for the Rochester Museum & Science Center’s capital campaign, Gateway Project, and Strasenburgh Planetarium upgrades.  We see the RMSC as the point where all vectors intersect: education, tourism, economic development, and the arts.  

We envision the RMSC campus as an international center for light, astronomy, multimedia and education, and we feel that this project deserves the support of the Finger Lakes Regional Council and the Upstate Revitalization Initiative, Finger Lakes Forward. 

The Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster envisions an annual event focused on the RMSC highlighting our region’s strength in optics, photonics and imaging.

Also as part of Finger Lakes Forward, we continue to advocate for the Finger Lakes Regional Center for Optics Manufacturing, a national center for manufacturing innovation and problem solving for America’s optics, photonics & imaging industry and national security.  We cannot imagine another effort that will more effectively leverage our strategic advantages in optics, photonics and imaging.  You will be hearing more about this center in the future.”

—Tom Battley

Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster announces new collaboration with Greater Rochester Enterprise to coordinate recruitment effort of OPI companies.  Tom Battley discusses AmeriCOM, the American Center for Optics Manufacturing and Rochester, NY; highlights key assets in the region and the state of the OPI ecosystem.

“In the coming year you are going to hear more about AmeriCOM.  Our innovative role in optics and photonics manufacturing is key to our nation’s national security.” —Tom Battley

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