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Many of you may know Lori Steffenilla, a long-time member of the Optics and Photonics Community.  Lori is currently the Director of Operations at GS PLASTIC OPTICS.  Previously, Lori was VP of Operations for Syntec Optics.

On December 28th 2016, Lori and her family suffered a devastating loss when her husband of 20 years, Tom, succumbed to cancer.  Tom was 50 years old.

The struggle with Tom’s illness has been draining emotionally and financially for the family.  Lori and Tom have three children, two of them teens : Jacob, 17, who graduates high school this year; Lindsey, 14; and Kassidy, 10.

With college costs being so high, the New York Cluster is promoting an opportunity for you to help the family by donating to Jacob’s college education fund.  We would not be asking if this were not a financial hardship for the family.

If you chose to help you may donate directly by check through Ugift.  There are no fees with Ugift; your entire donation will go to Jacob’s 529 account. You can make a secure gift contribution for special events (birthdays, holidays) or any time you’d like. All you need is the following Ugift code, which can be used until Jacob is out of college.

Jacob’s Ugift code: R14-Q4A

To make a gift contribution using Ugift:

1. Go to Ugift529
2. Enter the Ugift code: R14-Q4A
3. Enter your name and the amount of your gift.
4. Make your gift via electronic funds transfer or check.

Ugift does not accept credit card contributions.  To make it easy for you to donate by credit card or Paypal account, the Cluster is accepting donations that we will then contribute to Jacob Steffenilla’s Ugift account.  We will then submit a check for direct deposit into the tax free 529 plan.

We are offering this option so that you don’t need to go through the process of writing the check and sending it, or arranging for a funds transfer.   When you donate using a credit card through us there is a small fee deducted by the credit card processor.

The choice is yours.

Thank you for considering this meaningful gift of helping Jacob’s dream of college become a reality.

A link to Tom Steffenilla’s obituary.

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