November 2015
On November 4th the Thurigen Region of Germany hosted a lunch for RRPC members at the Strathallan. You may have missed lunch, but you don’t have to miss the presentations. Fraunhofer Presentation JENOPTIK Thuringia Investment Thuringia
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Kevin Rolland-Thompson, group director of research and development in optics at Synopsys, Inc., and Visiting Scientist at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester, died on 19 November. He had been undergoing treatment for a brain tumor. Highly respected for his work as well as his dedication to advancing the field and mentoring...
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What will integrated photonics look like? In the 21st century, photonic devices, which use light to transport large amounts of information quickly, will enhance or even replace the electronic devices that are ubiquitous in our lives today. But there’s a step needed before optical connections can be integrated into telecommunications systems and computers: researchers need...
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It was November 18, 1915 when nine Rochester scientists met at the University of Rochester: four from Eastman Kodak Co., four from Bausch & Lomb, and one from the University. “The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw an explosion in the Applied Optics industry. Companies such as Carl Zeiss, Bausch and Lomb and Eastman...
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This event is open to RRPC members only. Registration is limited. >>Register Here<<
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Rochester City School District Science Teacher Diane Eagles (RCSD School #46) was inspired by the International Year of Light posters at the Rochester Airport and decided to do a photonics project with her Optics class. Eagles gave her students a working definition  of Photonics: “Photonics is the science of light: the technology of generating, controlling and detecting light waves...
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The Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences at the University of Rochester has been renewed by New York State as one of its Centers for Advanced Technology (CATS). It will receive $9.2 million in funding over the next 10 years, officials said. CEIS has provided more than $4 million in funding to increase the impact...
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Brought to you by World Leaders The Annual CEO Conference for CEOs, Presidents, Business Owners, Sales Vice Presidents and Board Directors Wednesday, December 9th This year’s theme: Improving B2B Sales Results for 2016 The program will provide an in depth explanation of the required methods, skills and people required for sales success in 2016 and...
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