August 2014
Sydor Instruments aims to significantly grow its newly acquired SABRE Ballistics business by introducing the ballistics testing product line to the U.S. through its customer base in the security and defense industries. Rochester’s Sydor acquired the UK-based ballistics equipment  firm this month, doubling the size of its international customer base, with a projected 50 percent increase in revenues. Sydor will...
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The world’s only all-in-one focus system for OEM cameras is now improved, with three-times greater dynamic tilt and linear accuracy for industrial, medical and scientific applications. New Scale Technologies of Victor has released the M3-FS focus module, a drop-in replacement for its original M3-F system, with compatible size and identical electrical connections and software commands. Its...
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Manufacturing Universities: A Catalytic Step Toward Revitalizing American Manufacturing “Creating a network of U.S. manufacturing universities would address several systemic challenges that plague America’s manufacturing economy.” From Industry Week  Robert Atkinson President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation While there are some signs that American manufacturing is beginning to recover from the unprecedented losses of the 2000s,...
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When EMF Corp. needed to increase its manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demands of its thin-film coatings business, the company found its solution in Rochester. With EMF’s recent acquisition of DichroTec Thin Films comes proprietary coating processes and 14 high-capacity, 96-inch coating chambers  that will allow the Dynasil Corp. subsidiary to explore new markets and better serve...
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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have  highlighted MCC’s  job training partnership with local firms such as Optimax as a bright spot in the push to fill higher-paying manufacturing and tech jobs. In a guest essay  in the Democrat and Chronicle on Saturday, Obama and Biden cited MCC’s  partnership with the optics industry, funded through the Advanced Manufacturing...
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Logos Technologies, Fairfax, Virginia, in partnership with the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics, has received an award to design, build and install a sophisticated high-energy laser at the Washington State University-led Dynamic Compression Sector at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. The Logos Technologies-led team will provide a laser-driven shock compression capability...
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