Rochester, New York is bursting with energy, photonic energy! The New York (NYSTAR) MEP Center, aka High Tech Rochester, is a key player in the revitalizing this industry, along with various economic and business development entities in the Rochester region.

To strengthen and grow this industry the Rochester region has received three grants; the Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator, (AMJIAC) the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia Program (AMTECH), and the Investing in
Manufacturing Communities designation (IMCP). They are also gearing up to apply for a more significant and larger scale program, the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, in order to further grow the optics and photonics industry.

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  1. martin dvorin

    Hi, Tom Battley: Thanks for this. Video is a little juvenile, but effective, especially for teenagers. When Bausch and Lomb schlepped me up to Rochester from New Jersey, Optics was mostly microscopes, binoculars and eyeglasses. At that time, an SPIE ‘convention’ could be held in a telephone booth, with room inside for the cab driver who got us there! What a difference 55 years can make! I’m glad I lived long enough to see it. Humpty Dumpty (me), ‘put together’,  is healing slowly, and I’m fairly mobile, tush loaded with titanium hardware and all.   Best wishes to all my (remaining) friends in the Rochester area. Good health! marty dvorin (factoid: a write up about the COM quotes a ‘famous’ optician as saying: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it”. I don’t know about “famous”, but the late Pinny Cooke quoted me (a defrocked metrologist) as saying those words in the Congressional Record in the spring of 1980, when we were promoting a precision manufacturing center for the Rochester area.)

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