New Rectangular Aperture Shutter from Vincent Associates

RS20BVincent’s first UNIBLITZ® product to be released in 2014 is the bi-stable RS20B shutter system.
The shutter’s unique rectangular 20 mm diagonal aperture and blade sets itself apart from the other shutter series within the UNIBLITZ® product line.

“The RS20B is our market response to provide a rectangular aperture shutter that is able to cover an entire CCD area with one single blade. Its overall size and scalability make it useful for a proof of concept device in OEM applications,” states Stephen Pasquarella, President of Vincent Associates. This product contains only two moving parts, the rotor and the blade making it incredibly reliable.”

The RS20B shutter device is based on the patented actuator technology found in “TS” series (i.e, TS2, TS6 shutter series). The bi-stable shutter system contains a single blade that is fabricated from a black, carbon impregnated material which is lightweight and provides high emissivity suitable for non- uniformity correction applications (NUC). The RS20B is the latest in innovative designs that provides a built-in driver and integrated connector in order to maximize space when paired with the appropriate imaging sensor. Its scalable design and use of alternate blade materials enables Vincent Associates to customize the shutter to each customer’s unique specifications.

Vincent Associates is headquartered in Rochester, New York. For more information visit

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