Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2013/Laser Science (LS) XXIX, October 6-10, 2013 in Orlando

Submit a paper to Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2013/Laser Science (LS) XXIX being held 6-10 October 2013 in Orlando, Florida, USA, the first stop of a 3 year road trip celebrating the countdown to OSA’s 100th Anniversary in 2016. Present your research to colleagues in an environment that fosters one-on-one interaction and offers you the opportunity to network with leaders in industry and academia.

The themes for FiO, the annual meeting of the OSA, cover the widest range of optics-related research and technology and include Optical Design, Fabrication and Instrumentation, Optical Sciences, Optics in Biology and Medicine, Optics in Information Processing, Fiber Optics and Optical Communications, Integrated Photonics, Quantum Electronics, and Vision and Color.

The LS conference, the annual meeting of the American Physical Society (APS)/ Division of Laser Science (DLS), provides an important forum for presenting the latest work on laser applications and development, spanning a broad range of topics in physics, biology and chemistry. The LS themes include Fundamentals and Applications of Photonic Crystals, Optical and Laser-Based Approaches in Chemical and Biological Sensing, Solid-State Quantum Optics, Cold Atoms and Molecules, Optics and Alternative Energy Sources, Attosecond and Strong Field Physics, Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics, Physics with Ultrafast X-rays, Precision Measurements and Metrology Using Lasers, Quantum Information with Photons, Nano-opto-mechanics and General Laser Science.

The FiO 2013/LS XXIX meeting provides the best opportunity to hear the latest innovations in both optical science and engineering. This event guarantees five days of cutting-edge presentations, renowned invited speakers and an array of special events.

Don’t miss out on presenting your research at FiO 2013/LS XXIX. Be sure to submit your paper before the deadline of Monday, 6 May 2013, 12:00pm EDT.

Frontiers in Optics 2013 Chairs
Inuk Kang, Seoul National University, South Korea, General Chair
David Reitze, California Institute of Technology, USA, General Chair
Nikola Alic, University of California-San Diego, USA, Program Chair
David Hagan, University of Central Florida, CREOL, USA, Program Chair

Laser Science XXIX Chairs
Peter J. Delfyett, Jr., University of Central Florida, USA, General Chair
Daniel Gauthier, Duke University, USA, General Chair

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