Optifab Submissions Open

OptiFab Submissions open | Abstracts due 1 April
Conference in Rochester, NY:  14 – 17 October 2013

SPIE Optifab conference is a unique technical focus on classical and advanced optical manufacturing technologies, this meeting offers attendees an opportunity to interact with worldwide experts in the field of optical fabrication. Organized jointly by SPIE and APOMA, and held in conjunction with the largest optical manufacturing product and supplier exhibition held in the United States.

Technical papers are welcome in:

• Optical manufacturing

• Design for manufacturing

• Materials and optical materials sciences

• Classical and automated fabrication

• Grinding, polishing, and new methods of surface finishing

• Injection/glass molding, lithographic processing, and chemical etching

• Process science

• New developments in coatings technology

• New developments in metrology

• Opto-mechanical design and fabrication

• Interactivity and data interfaces between optical design programs, mechanical design programs, fabrication equipment, and metrology instrumentation


• Developments in optical materials

• New infrared materials

• Advanced optical fabrication equipment

• Coating equipment

• Grinding, polishing, and new methods of surface finishing

“At Optifab you’ll find research AND industry – a unique format that lets you gain valuable insight into the optical fabrication market by maximizing interaction between leading international researchers and manufacturers.”

 2013 Co-Chairs

Julie Bentley,
University of Rochester

Matthias Pfaff,
OptoTech Optikmaschinen

2013 Program Committee

Michael J. Bechtold,
OptiPro Systems (USA)
Christopher T. Cotton,
ASE Optics (USA)
Walter C. Czajkowski,
Edmund Optics, Inc. (USA)
Thomas Danger,
Schneider GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Michael A. DeMarco,
QED Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Apostolos Deslis,
JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. (USA)
Toshihide Dohi,
OptiWorks, Inc. (Japan)
Thomas Godin,
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingenieurs de Caen
et Ctr. de Recherche (France)
Heidi Hofke,
OptoTech Optical Machinery Inc. (USA)
Jay Kumler,
JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. (USA)
Justin J. Mahanna,
Universal Photonics Inc. (USA)
Paul Meier-Wang,
AccuCoat Inc. (USA)
Richard A. Nasca,
Corning Tropel Corp. (USA)
Michael N. Naselaris,
Sydor Optics, Inc. (USA)
John J. Nemechek,
Metrology Concepts LLC (USA)
Buzz Nesti,
Naked Optics Corp. (USA)
Robert F. Novak,
BAN Optical (USA)
Paul R. Tolley,
Smart System Technology & Commercialization Ctr. (USA)
Martin J. Valente,
Arizona Optical Systems, LLC (USA)
Kirk J. Warden,
LaCroix Optical Co. (USA)
Robert Anton Wiederhold,
Optimax Systems, Inc. (USA)

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