October 2013
From Tom Battley, Executive Director of New York Photonics Excerpted from the October 22nd edition of The Hill I am writing in response to Rep. Louise Slaughter’s  Oct. 10 op-ed, “Advancing American competitiveness by harnessing the power of light.” In New York, home of the imaging “Capital of the World,” researchers, engineers and technicians are...
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Last week Rochester once again demonstrated its importance in the optics and photonics global economy by hosting the SPIE Optifab meeting — North America’s largest exhibition of optical manufacturing and testing equipment and technology. Sponsored by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, and co-sponsored by the APOMA (American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association), the...
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On Thursday, September 19th, RRPC representatives Tom Battley, John Bruning, Chris Cotton, Jay Eastman and Rick Plympton joined some fifty representatives from around the country in an “NPI Education Day” for members of the House and Senate in Washington D.C. The event was organized by OSA and SPIE in order to inform and educate representatives...
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Even during a government hostage crisis, Representative Louise Slaughter, New York’s 25th, gets it about the National Photonics Initiative Kodak. Xerox. Bausch & Lomb. Over the course of the 20th century, these “big three” companies have made America — and more specifically Rochester, N.Y. — the optics, photonics, imaging and display (OPID) capital of the...
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More exhibitors, strong conference, top training courses in international event The largest optical fabrication event in North America, this year’s SPIE Optifab will feature a bigger exhibition alongside its robust technical and training programs. National Photonics Initiative supporter Rep. Louise Slaughter will open the 165-company exhibition during the event later this month in Rochester. SPIE...
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Qioptiq, the optics company that brought together some of the industry’s best-known brands under a single umbrella group, is set to be sold to the diversified US-based Excelitas Technologies. The two companies have signed a “definitive agreement” that will see Excelitas become home to the technologies developed by the likes of Linos Photonics, Point Source,...
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There’s a pair of breakthroughs when it comes to the field of silicon photonics. Scientists have managed to develop a new method that could allow for the trajectory of experimental improvement in microprocessors that began nearly half a century ago, allowing for increasingly faster electronics. Story Here
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