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ISP Optics / Division of Lightpath Technologies

Company Overview

When it comes to the diversity of infrared materials and the scale of production orders, from prototyping to high volume, ISP Optics has one of the most versatile operations in the photonics industry. Our unique diamond turning capability extends to nearly every material that transmits in the infrared, including standard IR materials like silicon, germanium and zinc selenide. ISP Optics also works with not so common materials like chalcogenide glasses such as IG6 or Amtir. Even various plastics like PMMA or Zeonex are diamond turned at ISP. KRS-5 and CdTe aspheres are manufactured using specially developed processes and techniques along with dedicated safety equipment. ISP Optics also works with non-ferrous metals such as nickel plated substrates, aluminum and copper parts to make high quality mirror surfaces