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SYDOR Technologies

Company Overview

Sydor Technologies is a global leader providing comprehensive, customized solutions for the most complex measurement challenges in the defense, energy, security and research industries. Products span a variety of applications, many used for ultra-fast imaging and detection, as well as projectile research. Physics applications often employ the Sydor ROSS Streak Camera, Pulse-Dilation PMTs, and our array of Photek vacuum-based detectors (MCP-PMTs, PMTs, Photodiodes, Booster Tubes, & more). As the North American distributor for Kentech Instruments, our engineers can help design custom high voltage electronics for use in various applications. Examples of these products include the Sydor Kicker Pulser, Picosecond Pockels Cell Drivers (PSP1), and Arbitrary Waveform Generators. For additional information and a more comprehensive overview of our capabilities, please visit