Mike has been working in the optics industry for 20+ years.  Today he is responsible for the P&L of Semrock, Melles Griot Optical Systems, and Melles Griot Laser Divisions of IDEX Health & Science: roughly $100M in revenue with 250 employees in three separate locations.

Semrock manufactures optical components for the Life Science and Analytical Instrumentation market. Sales are in the tens of millions and the business reports one of the highest profitability ratios in IDEX. Sales growth has been 2x the core market growth and operational performance is world class. The business consists of an OEM and a catalog component..

Mike also served 6 years on the international standards board (IEC) as one of two US representatives in the areas of optical components and optical measurements. He has a BSEE from the University of Michigan, and a MSEE from Johns Hopkins University.