April 2014
As part of the USA Science & Engineering Festival students from around the world explored the surface of Mars on April 25th – 27th, examining the craggy outcrops of the Martian horizon and rocks smoothed by waters that once flowed on the Red Planet’s surface. Optimax CEO, Rick Plympton says, “Optimax is proud to provide...
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SPIE analysis received as powerful tool to promote photonics industry            Latest update on industry revenues, job numbers wins praise at SPIE Photonics Europe Data developed by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, on the revenue and number of jobs generated by the core photonics components industry continue to draw praise from industry audiences....
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“The age and size of the Cosmos are written in light. The nature of beauty; the substance of the stars; the laws of space and time – they were there all along, but we never saw them until we devised a more powerful way of seeing. The story of this awakening has many beginnings and no ending.”...
Continue Reading : About SPIE : Research and industry leaders urge Congressional support for photonics. Volunteers from industry and research labs across the USA visited Congressional offices today to urge support for key issues related to photonics technologies and R&D, on behalf of the National Photonics Initiative (NPI). Supported by SPIE, the international society for optics...
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Exelis products deliver data from high above the Earth to the palm of your hand Use your smartphone to find a location, and you’re using technology created in Rochester. Same with those WorldView satellite images helping to guide the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. Ditto with global weather tracking systems, devices that helped provide security at the Super...
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Fracking, robotics, and nanotechnology are poised to transform the industrial sector. Hardly a day goes by without an article predicting, lamenting, or celebrating America’s decline. The turmoil in Crimea and Syria, the polarized and frequently gridlocked U.S. political system, the deepening income and wealth inequalities in the United States, and the growing clout of rivals...
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Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences. Inventions, licensing & commercialization at UR, RIT & Cornell. Great technology stories today.
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Fifty Ways to Leave Your Competitiveness Woes Behind: A National Traded Sector Competitiveness Strategy This report presents 50 federal-level policy recommendations to help restore U.S. traded sector competitiveness (and an additional 13 state-level recommendations). The recommendations are organized around federal policies regarding the “4Ts” of technology, tax, trade, and talent as well as policies to...
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Robert L. McCrory was appointed University Professor in recognition of his contributions to the physics and engineering community, the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) and to the University in general, at an installation ceremony on April 3. McCrory is one of only eight current or retired faculty members who are a University Professor.
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The President’s R&D Budget for FY 2015: A Summary and Charts In a year in which discretionary spending is effectively standing still, increased R&D investments appear hard to come by.  Officially released March 4, the President’s budget makes clear the challenges currently posed by the Budget Control Act spending caps for R&D support. With hardly...
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